Oil & Gas Division

We offer coverage for all many sectors of the oil and gas industry, including an exclusive transportation program highlighted below with Auto Liability premiums as low as $1,800 per tractor!

Oil & Gas Programs

Our team of Risk Consultants offers risk assessments, comprehensive consulting, and training and education allowing our customers to operate in a safe and profitable environment. Our programs are targeted for the these industries & coverages:

  • Fabrication & Welding
  • Oilfield Product Manufacturing
  • Control of Well
  • Drilling & Rig Coverage including Down Hole
  • Transportation and Hauling
  • Pipeline Operators & Contractors
  • Operators & Non-Operators
  • Midstream Gas Transmission
  • Blending, Mixing, & Refining
  • Equipment Rental
  • Renewable Energy
  • Consultants & Engineers

Exclusive Program for Saltwater & Crude Oil Transportation

Exclusive program for Saltwater & Crude Oil Transportation Carriers with Auto Liability premiums as low as $1,800 per tractor!
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBLE CARGO INCLUDES: Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, Recycled Oil, Propane, Anhydrous, Chemical, and other Liquid or Gas commodities.

  • Preferred pricing for 3+ years in business, no drivers under 25, good claims history, and satisfactory safety rating
  • Standard pricing for: New ventures, lapse in coverage, drivers under 25, and poor claims history
  • Utilization of Owner Operators, Lease Operators, or Company Drivers are all acceptable
  • No minimum or maximum fleet size
  • Coverage available in all 50 states
  • Large claims and drivers under 25 accepted with standard pricing
Program Highlights

  • Total cost of insurance averaging 2-3% of gross revenue
  • Over 50 years transportation insurance experience!
  • All coverages available including: Property, General Liability, Auto Liability & Physical Damage, Cargo, Pollution, Work Comp, and Umbrella
  • AccidentPlan™ and Safety-Reports™ are provided for all clients
  • HRhotline™ offering unlimited phone and email access to HR professionals
  • MyWaveConnect™ offering online access to over 25,000 risk management documents
  • Complimentary Custom Spill Response Plan
  • Complimentary Custom Safety Manual
  • Assistance with DOT/FMCSA compliance & filings
  • Custom analysis of SMS/CSA scores and assistance with improvement
  • Owner operator compliance monitoring
  • MVR & Pre-Employment Driver Screening
  • 24/7 Certificates of Insurance
  • ISN Compliance – WE DO IT FOR YOU!
  • We also offer Occupational Accident, Health Insurance, Payroll Services, Life & Disability Insurance, Wealth Management, Business Succession Planning, and much more!

Eliminate Guesswork

Gain control of the risky and chaotic period between the accident and the first notification of loss – the greatest exposure to liability occurs in these moments when you have the least amount of control.

  • Provide drivers with training, a procedure and a tool with which they can easily and effectively manage and report a crash even when they are under great stress.
  • Receive critical warning notifications and real-time visibility into an accident scene through the online portal, allowing for a more rapid and effective response.
  • Have a clearer understanding of the position in any potential claim while closing that critical time gap from event to claim.
  • Maintain complete custody and control of all photographs and detailed crash data.

Reduce your reporting time to minutes instead of hours or days. Rapid response leads to rapid  resolution, which leads to lower claim costs. Our partnership with AccidentPlanTM provides our clients with peace of mind after a claim, and allows more favorable insurance pricing from our companies. Learn more. Visit AccidentPlan.com.

For quotes, we’ll need: Vehicle / Equipment List including Year, Make, Model, Vin, and Value; Drivers List including Name, Date of Birth, Drivers License Number, and # of Years CDL Experience; DOT, MC, and Federal Tax ID Numbers; Trucking & Non-Trucking Payroll; Annual Gross Revenue; Financials; 4 quarters IFTA’s; 5 years Loss Runs

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